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Welcome to this crazy thing called life.

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Well after 5 months of living in Kansas I guess I can finally say we are starting to get adjusted and have created somewhat of a schedule.

I have been nervous about creating this blog knowing it is way out of my comfort zone, but I hope to have a place I can share with friends and family and also create a new community in sharing our adventure in life. We have been working on a few projects, such as our home that we purchased off of www.auction.com . It was a foreclosure and we have been working hard trying to create a home that is functional, welcoming, and inspires creativity.

Along the way it seems I have reached so many more people and families then I ever imagined I would in 5 months being a stranger in a strange new place. I hope y' all enjoy the ride and after reading this blog you feel inspired and encourage to reach beyond your comfort zones. Always know that with the right tools, a little creativity, and work ethic, you can accomplish any goal no matter how large it seems, you just need the right formula to get it done. Scroll down for the link to my favorite goal and daily planner.

Note to Readers:

Always write your goals down and if you cant seem to know where to start, write your first, and then your second. Remember when you are feeling over whelmed with a project it will all be accomplished step by step and one foot in front of the other.

click below for my favorite goal and daily planner

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