• Ashley Restivo

Competition Jitters

So here I am at my first rodeo since college and Lizzy's (AKA Snuggles) first rodeo ever. We got picked for the performance, so I spent about 2 hours washing, brushing and braiding so she would look en pointe for her big debut. No way do I want to get there and have massive diarrhea down her back legs, we need to stay clean till at least the performance. I made sure I treated her with one syringe of the pre-race paste (#RedmondEquine, #DailyGold). I always try to use it a couple hours before a race and it seems to make her feel SO MUCH better almost instantly before we haul or run. I have noticed that she is less anxious and since I've been using it religiously, no more green back legs, can you say YUCK! They sent me some Rein Water Thirst Relief to try with my order, I am going to follow the directions and add two scoops to their water bucket. It is suppose to make it taste better and provides electrolytes and minerals. Snuggles and I will try it and report back to let ya'll know how it goes on my next post. Please copy and paste the link below to explore the Redmond Equine products and use the discount code RESTIVO to receive a free tube of Daily Gold Stress Relief with your order.

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